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big bar product descriptions

big bar product descriptions

milk chocolate

Not just a classic milk chocolate bar, but Tony's creamy, dreamy classic milk chocolate bar. Unwrap the alarming red wrapper which calls attention to their mission, and make impact with every incredibly delicious bite!

milk chocolate caramel sea salt

Tony's classic, creamy milk chocolate packed with crunchy caramel (yea, you heard right) and flakes of sea salt. Sweet and salty never tasted soooo good. 

dark chocolate cocoa cookie citrusy caramel

This bar is one for fruity chocolate lovers. Rich, dark chocolate filled with crunchy, cistrus-spiked caramel and crispy dark chocolate choco cookies. 

Psst.. this bar is also vegan friendly! Oooh yeah.

milk chocolate honey almond nougat 

Creamy milk chocolate with bits of sticky, sweet nougat made from honey and almonds. Classically delicious!

milk chocolate hazelnut

This flavor is a perfect combo of silky milk chocolate and a minimum of 10% hazelnuts. Oh, and all of those hazelnuts are whole, and wholly delicious.

dark chocolate almond sea salt

This dark chocolate bar has had a bite.. and a crunch. Imagine crunchy almonds and flakey sea salt folded into rich dark choco. A golden match! 

milk chocolate hazelnut cookie

A hazelnut chocolate bar, but a little fancier. Impossibly creamy milk chocolate filled with finely chopped hazelnut bits and delicately crunchy wafer. Black tie optional.

dark chocolate

This bar of rich dark chocolate contains at least 70% cacao. Se-ven-ty! That gives it a bite designed for the true dark chocolate lover.

dark milk chocolate 

Dark milk, what’s that? It's an extra-special bar packed full of creamy milk chocolate with the bite and punch of dark chocolate! The best of both worlds.

milk chocolate wafer cookie 

Sometimes the simpler, the better, this bar is proof! Crispy wafer covered in silky smooth milk chocolate. Yep, that's it. Can you already hear the crunch?

the everything bar

This bar's got it all! Bite into milk chocolate packed with crunchy caramel, nutty almonds, savory pretzels, sticky nougat and flakey sea salt.

dark milk chocolate pretzel toffee

Crunchy pretzel pieces with a sweet toffee crunch in dark milk chocolate with 42% cocoa. It's a sweet and savory delicacy!

white chocolate raspberry popping candy

Creamy, dreamy white chocolate mixed with freeze dried raspberry and sprinkles of popping candy. It's like fireworks in your mouth!

milk chocolate caramel cookie

Made with our creamy, dreamy milk chocolate, crunchy cookie bits and great big gobs of chewy caramel. Perfect for caramel lovers and crunch fanatics!

milk chocolate with chocolate chip cookie

Have your cookies and eat them too! This bar is full of rich, silky Fairtrade milk chocolate with a hint of crunch from delectable chocolate chip cookie crumbles. It's milk (chocolate) and cookies all in one! 



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