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Why our calendar is unequally divided - Choco Fans

Happy day 8 Choco Fans! Noticed something different in your calendar today? Yep, it's empty.. And why? 'Cos at Tony’s we use our products to tell the story of the choco industry – an industry unequally divided and choc-full of inequality.

1. Why one of our calendar windows is empty: 

At Tony’s we use our products to communicate our mission – to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. In Ghana and the Ivory Coast, at least 1.56 million children work under illegal conditions because the price being paid for cocoa is too low. Worst still, at least 30,000 adults & children are forced to work. We don’t think that’s okay. So our products, including our countdown calendar, are purposefully designed to be unequally divided. Our countdown calendar includes 25 tiny Tony’s split over 24 windows. #8 has no tiny, #9 and #24 have two tinys to illustrate this. 

Click here to find out why our products are unequally divided.

2. Neurodivergent children & adults:

We have more to learn in considering how we can make our products as inclusive as possible. Unfortunately, with our countdown calendar, we failed to consider the difficulties empty windows can cause for neurodivergent children & adults. We would like to welcome all feedback on how to make our products more accommodating for neurodivergent people going forward as it was not our intention to cause this issue. We always want to make people smile with our products but we are not perfect and appreciate the feedback that helps us to become better as we grow.

We hope this creates a great conversation starter for change. And if you have any questions, please let us know.

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