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Tony’s FAIR 2021


we’re happy you’re here!

What time is it? It’s time for the choco-event of the year: Tony’s FAIR.

In a jam-packed, exciting online broadcast, we present our annual FAIR report and reflect on our collective achievements from the past year. And look ahead to how we can take our impact to the next level – together. Expect a bucket load of inspiration from global changemakers across the chocolate industry and beyond.

Let’s use this moment to build the future we want to see for the world.

Everyone that’s all in for a world where 100% slave-free chocolate is the norm will be there. Are you in?

who’ll be there?

Tune into our online broadcast to hear from an inspiring line-up:​​​​​​​

  • Special guest: Ben & Jerry’s CEO Matthew McCarthy
  • Einhorn (yup, the sustainable condom company)
  • ALDI
  • Shadrack Frimpong from Cocoa360
  • our Chief Chocolate Officer Henk Jan Beltman
  • a number of Tony’s insiders
  • ..and many more!

our host: Ikenna Azuike

mission allies and more

Aldi and Vly will tell you all about Tony’s Open Chain in action. Einhorn shows how they make impact in their own way.

need a reminder?

Are you Serious Friends with Tony’s? That’s what we call chocofans that support our mission. We keep them up to date on all things impact. Sign up to be the first to know all about what we’re doing. You’ll get reminders about the FAIR as well! Neat.


whats’ tony’s fair?

Every year, we organise Tony’s FAIR: our big stakeholder meeting where we present our annual FAIR report. But this is unlike any annual meeting you’ve ever been to..

We reflect on the past bookyear and look forward to our next steps. We invite inspiring speakers and artists to party all night, together with all the stakeholders of the chocolate chain; team Tony’s, consumers, retailers, suppliers and of course farmers we work with from West-Africa.

You can check out what we did last year below, or go to our FAIR archive to get nostalgic and check out our FAIRs all the way back to the first one in 2013!

get nostalgic with the FAIR archive

We organised the first online FAIR last year. Have a look:


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