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Littl’ bits

very, very new

littl’ bits

With Littl’ Bits, chocolate lovers finally have a responsibly sourced, bite-sized chocolate option to chomp on. Our new munchable range features chewy and crunchy cores, wrapped in thick, chunky chocolate to grab by the handful. And we’re so crazy about chocolate, we’re not afraid to mix things up with 4 delicious flavour combo pouches:

Littl’ Bits triple chocolate mix

100 grams, 1 pouch
0 1 2

Littl’ Bits milk caramel sea salt biscuit

100 gram, 1 pouch
0 1 2

Littl’ Bits milk marshmallow & biscuit mix

100 gram, 1 pouch
0 1 2

Littl’ Bits dark orange choco cookie

100 gram, 1 pouch
0 1 2

Despite their size, Littl’ Bits create big impact for cocoa farmers – at Tony’s we pay 77%-82% more for our cocoa than most other chocolate companies to enable cocoa farmers to earn a living income.

Littl’ Bits are great for solo munching and sharing (remember to share our story while you’re at it). So grab a handful and join our mission to make all chocolate 100% slave free!

an unequally divided chain

Right now there are at least 30,000 victims of modern slavery and 1.56 million cases of child labour in cocoa-growing households in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

The main cause? Poverty. Millions of cocoa farmers in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire are forced to live in poverty because they’re not paid a fair price for their cocoa.

Modern slavery and illegal child labor still exist today. But they don’t have to. Modern slavery, illegal child labor and extreme poverty seem to be the symptoms of an underlying complex issue: the economic model of the cocoa industry, which is driven by maximum profit.

This is a result of the unequally divided cocoa chain. Tony’s Chocolonely exists to change that. Child labor and modern slavery is against the law - it’s an illegal practice that needs to stop.

tony’s 5 sourcing principles

.. for 100% slave-free chocolate

With incredibly tasty chocolate, we lead by example and show the world that chocolate can be made differently. By following Tony’s 5 Sourcing Principles for slave-free cocoa, it’s possible to make slave-free chocolate and be commercially successful.

We believe all 5 Sourcing Principles need to be applied together in order to achieve change. No cherry picking! These 5 are necessary to enable long-term progress and a more sustainable cocoa chain.

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