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We think it’s very important to share our story with all of our chocofriends, because only together we make chocolate 100% slave free. Besides the fact that we share our recipe for slave free chocolate through Tony’s Open Chain, we also share the recipe straight from our own Tony’s every last Friday of the month. You will literally get a peek inside our Choco kitchen during the Tony’s talks. From our Spice Girl and Bean Counter to our Mr. T. We love to inspire others, but we also love to be inspired ourselves. Critical questions are welcome!

see you there? 

Choco Evangelist Ynzo
Ynzo travels around the world to spread our story and inspire others to make a conscious decision. This time we’ve kept our Globetrotter at our Home Base, so he can tell you why the Choco Evangelist is so important for Tony’s. Ynzo will explain why we’ve chosen to tell our story in this way instead of taking the beaten path.

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16.00 hr: come in
16.30 hr: Tony’s talk starts
17.30 hr: chocolate and beer (and soft drinks, of course!)

Choco Evangelist Ynzo

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Signing up for the Tony’s Talks at Home is free. You can sign up for one of the next two Tony’s talks, because ehm.. do you know what you’re doing four months from now? Exactly. After every Tony’s talk, there will be a new Talk online. Ka-boom!

Sign up* by sending an email to, with your first and last name, and company (if you’re coming through a company). Important note: everyone needs to sign up individually. 

be aware..
Please be aware this presentation is given in English. 

*You're very welcome to bring a friend, but please make sure to sign up individually.


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