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what's the buzz, tell me what's a happening
It was yet another crazy chocolate year. But err, what happened with Tony's in 2017/2018? An overview:
november 2017
Catch! The relay bar passes the baton to a new surprising flavour every half year. Milk melon raspberry says bye bye. And there we go: milk pumpkin seeds cranberry takes over.
january 2018
In the finest of easter traditions, we're presenting something new: the easter-egg-in-a-bar. With a fresh new flavour: milk lemon. Eyy, finding an easter egg was never easier.
januari 2018
Better search that garden, 'cause this year the easter bunny is also hiding white eggs. That brings us to 12 flavours of eggs! Exactly a dozen of big uns.
april 2018
Time for a new realy bar. Pina Colada in your bar, how about that. White coconut pineapple in the mixxx. Tropical islands hammocks. Oh yeahh, this bar is mood.
may 2018
our chocofans pick a new Exclusive. And the winner is....white stracciatella. Because 6 Exclusives is a little much, we wave our festive goodbyes to white carrot walnut and dark orange rosemary.
may 2018
The Exclusives-family now has 4 members: milk coffee crunch, milk popcorn discodip, dark meringue cherry and white stracciatella. Eenie meenie minie moe.. Pfew, difficult to choose right
april 2018
The opening of our Super Store cannot be celebrated properly without a fun choco gift. We introduced Tony's Rainbowpack. An insanely delicious pack with the power of the rainbow as it carries 12 of our bars. There's also a 6-pack. For everyone who's been training for months, but is never going to make it before the summer....
september 2018
Good news for cookie monsters. Our new Limited Edtions are choc-ful of...cookies! Give it up for: milk shortbread caramel, dark cocoacookie caramel and blond caramelised pecan. Blond? Yes, it's a scoop: white chocolate with just a tad of dark chocolate. Mmmm delicious.
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