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It has been one craaazy chocolate year! Insane flavours in colourful wrappers with real stories, impactful campaigns and loads and loads of fun. So, what were the ups and downs from the past year?

number 1 in the Netherlands
We’re the market leader in the chocolate bar segment in the Netherlands. I know, right? Bar none! On the other hand, we didn’t grow as fast as we wanted. We’re raising awareness among consumers, chocolate makers, supermarkets and governments in the U.S., the United Kingdom and an increasing number of European countries. We’re launching our story and our bars in Germany, Finland and Denmark and are growing in the U.S. and Belgium.
268 x child labour at our partner cooperatives
With the Child Labour Monitoring Remediation System (CLMRS), we actively and structurally search for child labour at our partner farmers. Over the last year, we found 268 cases: from heavy lifting to working the land without proper protection (such as boots). We didn’t find any cases of modern slavery.
the Global Slavery Index Report cannot be ignored
At least 30,000 adults and children are victims of modern slavery in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. It’s now impossible to ignore, even by Big Choco – the big international chocolate companies.
our impact in the eyes of the farmers
We asked the KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) to look into the impact of our activities. It’s not like we never ask, but we wanted to hear the uncensored story. The institute interviewed many farmers and families and we now have plenty of honest stories that we can start working on.
child labor – Duty of Care Act.. nope, still nothing
There is still NO legal framework that obliges companies in the Netherlands to take responsibility for social abuses in their supply chain.
Carbon dioxide: it’s not okay!
We have asked an expert to calculate how much carbon dioxide our existence adds to the world. And.. it is a lot. So, next year, we’ll be adding these true environmental costs to the costs of making a bar, just like the Tony’s premium.
Hey choco fans! Because our parcel partners are incredibly busy at the moment, it could be that your order will arrive a little later than you are used to. So keep a close a eye on your track & trace code! Once we have send your order, you will receive it in your mailbox.

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