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Tony's Unlimiteds

We love opinionated chocofans.We are too. Especially when they have all sorts of crazy ideas about flavours. That's why we opened the Tony's Unlimiteds line in our Super Store, where chocofans can create their very own Tony's Unlimiteds bar.
How does this work?
On the iPad in the Super store you pick your favourite flavour: milk, dark or white. You can combine two those as well if you want to. Next, you pick your inclusions. Go nuts! You can combine up to three inclusions. Done? Customise your wrapper while your at it with colours of your choice and some text on the side. Crack off €7,50 and BAM, it's yours! The production line is set in motion and about an hour later, you can pick up your very own Unlimiteds bar.

What ingredients are available?
Unlimiteds are for sharing! They're divided in two: one for yourself and one for sharing. 'Cause we love sharing at Tony's. And while you're at it, why not share our story too? Because only together we'll make all chocolate 100% slave free.
The choco machine in Tony’s Super Store is running every day from 10.00 to 21.00. Do you want to take your TOny's Unlimiteds home the same day? It takes about an hour, so last order for takeaway before 20.00.
Hey choco fans! To guarantee the quality of our chocolate we are not shipping from Wednesday the 5th of August. You'll receive your package a little later than you are used to. As soon as the temperature is under 27 degrees we will ship your order. 


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