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Tony's Fair Test

Tony's Fair Test

On Thursday the 21st of November we will present Tony's annual FAIR report ’18-’19 at Tony's FAIR 2019, at the Westergas. With serious talks of inspiring speakers, Tony's Food Fair and in the evening the roof will go on fire with artists who support our mission. Let's MAKE SOME NOISE for 100% slave-free chocolate! Wanna get in the mood? Take a look at last year's pictures and the aftermovie below:

photos & aftermovie

Photos: Presstigieux
Photos: Reinier RVDA
Photos: Saeed al Hammad Photography
Photos: Saffron Pape Photography
And ehm, which speakers and artists will be present this year? We'll leave that a secret for a little longer.. But have a look at last year*:

and more:

  • Tony’s annual FAIR report – what went well, what could've gone better?
  • a looot of good food (with chocolate dishes of course)
  • Team Tony's doing Tiny Talks
  • Serious Friends and their mini missions
  • choco-game-o-theque

*all inspiring talks at Tony's FAIR will be in English

Serious Friends
Serious Friends support Tony's mission. They can order early bird tickets and are the first to know about serious business and other announcments regarding the FAIR. Wanna become Serious Friends?


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