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Retailers: the unexpected heroes?

It’s important not to underestimate the role of supermarkets and other shops that sell chocolate.In fact, the combined market share of private label chocolate bars at retailers in the Netherlands is good for the second place.. So, who occupies the top spot? Conclusion: supermarket chains and other retailers wield considerable power in the chocolate supply chain.


Supermarkets are ready to go beyond certification
We’ve been hard at work implementing the third pillar of our roadmap: Inspire to act. Mireille, our Choco Activator, spends her days trying to convince other companies, from retailers to chocolate makers, of the merits of our 5 Principles of Cooperation. On September 30, 2018, we still didn’t have any allies in our mission. It was a bit of a bummer for this annual FAIR report. But.. thankfully we’re now well into negotiations.

By pursuing our mission we’ve changed the chocolate landscape in the Netherlands. Who do ya think occupies the top spot in the Netherlands? Hmmmm? Well.. We do! Tony’s has been market leader since December 2017!

The chocolate market in the Netherlands has been properly disrupted by us. And guess who's at number on in the bars category in the Netherlands? Who do you think? It's us! Since december 2017.

Tony’s Chocolonely around the world
We classify our international markets as gold, silver or bronze, depending on how crucial they are to achieve our mission. We also want to wake up consumers, chocolate manufacturers, supermarkets and governments in the U.S., UK and other European countries. Last year, 88% of our sales were generated in the Netherlands. Just under 7% were generated in the U.S. (one of our gold markets) and just over 3% were generated in Belgium, Sweden, Finland and Germany (all of which are silver markets). Our bronze markets accounted for just over 1% of our sales.

U.S. of A.. it’s huge 
Our Portland team grew from three to seven Tony’s so we can now tell our story in more places

The United Kingdom (UK) is one of our gold markets. As a home market of chocolate giants, it is crucial for achieving our mission. This is being tackled by our own local team. Team Tony’s UK was set up September 2018. How cool is that?!

Silver markets
What’s happening in the silver markets? In Belgium, Tony’s can no longer be ignored. Last year, our sales grew by more than 360% and we are now sold in Delhaize, Belgium’s second largest supermarket. The Scandinavians are also crazy about Tony’s Chocolonely. We are now sold in 200 stores in Sweden, 73 in Denmark, 50 in Norway and.. 20 in Finland!

Bronze markets and Duty Freeeee!
We’re going the extra mile – and further still! Tony’s is now also sold in bronze markets like Spain and the Gulf state of Kuwait, thanks to our distribution partner Van Tol. Chocoladiewadiewoo!
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