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YES: our bars will be getting more expensive!

YES: our bars will be getting more expensive!
29 november 2019
Tony’s inspires to act
First, back to the mission. You know: 100% slave-free the norm in chocolate. Because today 2.1 million children are still working in illegal circumstances on cocoafarms in West-Africa, because their parents don't earn enough money. 30.000 adults and children are victims of forced labor and modern slavery. To get to the new industrynorm of 100% slave-free chocolate we developed a roadmap that'll enable us to change the industry from within:

Tony’s creates awareness 

Tony’s leads by example 

Tony's inspires to act

Looking at step 1, we think we're doing alright, even if we do say so ourselves: past year we became marketleader and we launched in a bunch more countries. Our Chocolate evangelist Ynzo tells our story all over the world. More and more chocofans know about the issues in the cocoa industry.
Tony's likes to lead by example by applying our 5 Sourcing Principles. No cherry picking! Every single one is important. Read more about it here.
The third one is a little bit more complicated, but we did launch the platform we use to share our tech and principles open source: Tony's Open Chain. Albert Heijn joined us as our first 'mission ally' and in march of 2019, their first Delicata-bars sourced with Tony's Open Chain-cocoa could be bought in stores. Who's next?!

0% profit past (book)year
Ah.. That's true. In the past (book)year we did make 0% profit, even though we want show other chocolate companies that you can be profitable with an equally divided value chain. How come we didn't make any profit while our revenue improved by 26,5%? Two main causes: we decided to compensate all of our CO2 emissions, something we didn't budget for, and other operational costs.

So, are those the reasons for us raising prices? Not exactly. The price of couverture (the chunks of pressed chocolate just before you melt it down to liquid chocolate) increased by 9,4%, so it became lots more expensive. Next to this, we'll structurally be compensating our CO2-emissions going forward and passing this on to our prices. We work together with JustDiggit; they organise landrecovery projects that have a positive impact on climate change. They calculate the amount of land needed to be recovered to compensate for the CO2-footprint of our sold bars.

RAISE. that. price!
So uhh, let's raise that price! Starting Sunday the 1st of December, prices for our big bars for example will be raised by a dime in both our webshop and own stores. it's possible you're going to see the higher price in other stores as well, but that's for them to decide.

The norm in the chocolate industry has to change. We can only do that together with chocolate companies, retailers, consumers, governments and cocoa farmers. Only together we'll make the chocolate industry 100% slave-free!

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