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Work massages and a puppy leave

15 november 2018

At Tony’s, we put our team at number 1. We do this because together we have a life-size mission: to make all chocolate in the world 100% slave free. And to achieve that, we need the best and most motivated people in our team to move mountains of chocolate every day. We believe that you are at your best when you are happy, completely yourself and can work in a pleasant environment. With equality, togetherness and lots of fun. We therefore pay a lot of attention to that. Crazy about chocolate, serious about people. 

We work in a chocolate company, where there is chocolate everywhere to taste and take with you, so we think it is important to encourage everyone to continue to feel fit and healthy. With a good balance between effort and relaxation. Because yes, we are full of gas and we are working hard to achieve our mission. To keep body and mind flexible, Bart comes with his massage chair every month. We have a super healthy lunch and that is also a good time to relax and chat with your colleagues. We also encourage sports during work. That gives you new energy and keeps you fit. Sports can be done in all sorts of ways: meetings are sometimes done on foot, we go boot camping every Monday, you can follow a yoga class, there are Tony's who run together, take part in a mud trail or go on kite surfing adventures. Everything without obligation and what suits you. Every year, everyone can buy a pair of athletic shoes, Nordic walking poles or something else sporty from the sports bonus.

In the past we offered a small token payment (£50) to those who kept the same weight each year and didn’t smoke. The £50 was intended to be a light-hearted perk, but with an encouraging message (no one was ever weighed of course). After a cricital session we realised that it could be misconstrued and give a message that is not in line with our inclusive culture, so we removed it in 2016. We are constantly reviewing the perks and benefits offered to our team to ensure they are a true reflection of our values and ethics.

We also share a lot with each other. In good times and bad times. We know only too well what is really important; namely your health, your family and friends. That starts with a good work – private balance. We want everyone to experience this and give (young) parents the feeling that working at Tony's and taking care of your Tiny Tony (s) at home can go together very well. That's why we have paid an extra month of leave for a new Tony mom and dad and you get a Tiny Tony bonus to help you with the extra costs that such a small sprout entails. And no, not everyone wants or can get a Tiny. That is sometimes very sad and we cannot solve it. We always look for what we can do for the Tony in question - for example, we recently approved a puppy leave. These are just a few examples of Tony's culture and how we as a team interact with each other to get the best out of each other. Enneh .. Does it work? Twice a year we hold a job interview survey for our Tonys. We are proud of it that an 8.2 came out of this survey. We encourage our Tony's to be critical of themselves, the team and the organization and to speak out (we even have training for that), because this way we learn how we can ensure that our Tony's enjoy themselves even more. go to work and together we can achieve our mission. That is why we were shocked that there was a discussion on Twitter in recent days as a result of an article from 2016 on the MT website. Examples such as the sports bonus and Tiny Tony bonus were mentioned. On Twitter we were accused of discrimination and respect. Explaining exactly what we are doing and why, it is not always possible in a limited number of Twitter characters. But we are happy to do that. So therefore more background. And you are very welcome to visit our walk-in hour on 12 December to take a look at Tony's Thuishonk at Pazzanistraat 1 in Amsterdam and to taste the atmosphere. So come along and ask all your questions. And hey, we don't have to agree, but our door is always open for a good conversation. We will fix the chocolate milk cold. Or hot.



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