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Tony's wins the Netherlands' FMCG best employer award

Tony's wins the Netherlands' FMCG best employer award
7 juni 2021

At Tony's Chocolonely we are crazy about chocolate and serious about people. So we are very proud to be FCMG winner of the Effectory World-class Workplace award (formerly 'Best Employer') in the Netherlands – following a survey in which over 1 million people rated their employer on good practices. Scoring an 8.5, we did not yet reach our goal of earning the Dutch #1 position. Insurance company a.s.r. may call itself the #1 for now. Well deserved. And, uh.. did we become World-class Workplace in FMCG because of all those chocolate packages that Team Tony’s received at home in the last year, to share with friends and family or because of the unlimited number of holidays they can enjoy? Nope, there’s one big driving force behind our Tony’s satisfaction, and that’s our mission: together we’ll make 100% slave-free the norm in chocolate. Curious how this works and how we go for that number one spot? Read on below. 

Since our first chocolate bar rolled off the line, we’ve invested a lot in Team Tony’s and in our company culture. Our core values – outspoken, entrepreneurial, willful and makes you smile – are our compass in everything we do. For example, we have impact profiles instead of job descriptions. We hold ‘How you doin’?’ talks instead of performance appraisals. And in our bi-annual Quest-cheer-naire, we ask Team Tony’s what is great and could be better about working at Tony’s. Every fortnight we hold a Global Get Together with all Tony’s to keep each other informed and to stay connected. The tip of the iceberg of initiatives that enable us to continue to make an impact together from the kitchen table, in times in which we have changed considerably as an organization. Not without a few struggles, of course. In recent years we have developed from an ambitious Dutch start-up into a serious impact organization with more than 200 Tony’s in 5 countries – and we still have big dreams. Not all Tony’s find the evolution of our culture easy. And we understand that. Change is never easy, the question is how to make it meaningful for every Tony.

Fact is that being a good employer is not enough to change an industry. Tony’s Culture Captain Carline explains, “Our shared mission is what really connects us as Team Tony’s. Not our perks or good benefits. However much we appreciate them. Everything we do regarding our team and our culture must contribute to achieving our mission. In our growth and with so many people, this means we have to keep raising the bar to become an even more impactful team. How do we remove obstacles so that each Tony can contribute to our mission to the best of their ability? Such as by clarifying the level of autonomy and defining success clearly.” So today we do a dance of joy to celebrate what we have achieved together so far. But for us, even when the party’s started, the learning, developing, and dreaming don’t stop.. we are always looking for ways to make more impact, in our company and in the world. And you can help! Share our chocolate and share our story, because only together we’ll make all chocolate 100% slave free. And hey.. you can find our vacancies here.


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