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Tony's most sustainable brand

25 maart 2021

Woohoo! For the fourth time in a row, we’ve been elected by Dutch consumers as the most sustainable brand in the Netherlands in the Sustainable Brand Index ranking. You guys make us blush! And very very happy. 

Only together can we make 100% slave free the norm
We are an impact company, that makes chocolate. Not the other way around. Our mission is to change the cocoa industry as a whole, which is characterized by inequality and issues with modern slavery and illegal child labor.

We lead by example to build a better future, together. We take our own responsibilities, but we are also proactively sharing knowledge to support those who want to take further responsibility in building a more sustainable and social business. That means we lobby with governments, invite chocolate companies to join Tony’s Open Chain. And that we inspire choco fans to sign our petition and to share our chocolate and our story.

Or like our Choco Evangelist Ynzo says:

"These times, which have already lasted a lot longer than expected, confirm once again that we really have to do it together and that we all depend on each other. There is enormous potential to build a more balanced, sustainable, diverse and inclusive economy together. We must use this time as a catalyst for renewal and improvement of the system in which we operate and live. The current developments around legislation that makes companies responsible for their entire chain are very hopeful and, as far as we are concerned, the way to make real change happen. We see this prize as a confirmation that we are on the right track. Because only together can we make chocolate 100% slave-free."

About the Sustainable Brand Index
For more information on this award check the website of Sustainable Brand Index

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