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Tony's awarded as most sustainable brand

12 mei 2020

Proud! For the third time in row, we’ve been elected by Dutch consumers as most sustainable brand in the Netherlands in the Sustainable Brand Index-ranking. It’s making us blush a bit! We are an impact company with a clear social mission. Impact makers, that make chocolate by chance. Our mission is to change the whole cocoa industry, which is characterized by inequality and issues with modern slavery and illegal child labor.

Together we make all chocolate 100% slave free
Being an impact company, we lead by example to build a better future, together. We take our own responsibilities, but we are also proactively sharing knowledge to support those who want to take further responsibility in building a more sustainable and social business. That means we lobby with governments, invite cocoa companies to join Tony’s Open Chain and that we inspire choco fans to sign our petition.
The time for change is now.
After 20 years, it's safe to say that voluntary company and industry initiatives don’t work. It’s time for due diligence and legislation. Time’s up. Only together can we make chocolate 100% slave free.

For more information on this award check the website of Sustainable Brand Index.