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The true price of a chocolate bar..

7 november 2018
Today, the True Price research agency is publishing a report in which they have mapped the actual price of a bar of chocolate. "The actual price," huh, do we hear you think? Yes .. just take a seat. No super simple food. You do not pay that actual price in the supermarket. Someone else pays that real price. And that is the cocoa farmer and his family .. The True Price research agency is on it: calculating actual prices. They take the market price of a product, in this case chocolate, and add the price of the negative social and environmental effects. They call this the "true costs". The bill for "true costs" such as poverty, illegal child labor, modern slavery or deforestation is not paid by the market, but by society and in particular the families in the cocoa villages in West Africa. Tony’s goal is: as low as possible true costs, for ourselves and the entire chocolate industry.

For us, the True Price report is super important, because making the negative effects in an industry transparent is a first step towards change. The research was carried out earlier in 2013. This allows us to follow the development of our own true costs in comparison with those of the industry. And what are the most important conclusions? Well .., the "true costs" in the cocoa industry have unfortunately not changed in absolute terms. Relatively, the 'true costs' have decreased by 28% compared to the previous study in 2013. That seems good news, but the improvement is mainly because the production of cocoa has risen sharply and as a result the costs of the negative effects are per kilo decreased. Snappie? The true costs of a bar of Tony’s Chocolonely have decreased in absolute and relative terms and are 55% lower than the industry average. This increases our lead over the industry compared to 2013, when we scored 45% better than the industry. Disco balls ... ?? Nope, because we are still not satisfied.

Unpaid to put children and adults to work on cocoa plantations happens in a context of extreme poverty and in a cocoa chain where profit maximization is paramount. As long as a cocoa farmer cannot earn a living income, nothing changes at all. That is why we call on chocolate companies to enter into direct and equal relationships with farmers' cooperatives and to pay a price for cocoa that drastically lowers the "true costs" of a chocolate bar. And we ourselves continue unchanged to further reduce our true costs. And what can you do? You can make a conscious choice for which chocolate you choose and help us share our story. For example, share this message with your neighbor, other chocolate companies or politicians. Because only together can we make chocolate 100% slave free. To know more or just love figures and graphs, then here is the complete research report especially for you.
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