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A Great Place To Work

A Great Place To Work
26 maart 2019
We’re super proud because we cam in second in the category Medium sized best Workplaces 2019 in the list of Great Place to Work. Another thing we’re very proud of is the so called ‘thanking’ award we won because we thank three Tony’s every quarter for their extra efforts with the Tony of the quarter award, the Tony’s Scholarship and the Because it can-can (which is prize for a Tony that did a project outside their function). In our Tony’s Culture Audit we’ll tell you all about the meaning of these awards and Tony’s Culture.  

We’ll tell you all about why we created Typical Tony’s Culture and what Tony’s Culture characterizes.  

Looking back  

Again? Yep, waaaay back (for us at least), in 2014 we had already thrown our name into the hat in the category Young & Small Best Workplaces. And we won first place! That made us proud as a peacock but also gave us insights to work with.  

We grew from 20 to over 120 Tony’s and we put a loooot of effort into becoming the best workplace a Tony could wish for. Our team is always priority number one for us. Only with a dedicated, impactful and successful team we can make our mission come true to together make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate.  

Made to measure, baby  
To make sure we’re on the right path or to find out if we could improve, we frequently ask our team’s opinion. We think it’s important that everyone's opinion is taken into account. Twice a year we send out a ‘quest-cheer-naire’ to our team in Amsterdam, short pulse surveys for our our US & our UK team and this year we participated for the second time in Great Place to Work.  

A great place to work  
In order to do the research, we questioned all Tony’s and wrote a Culture Audit to map our Culture. This is different from our quest-cheer-naire because in the rating of the GPTW a direct link is made with the defined policy scores of the survey (that’s called the Trust Index). The outcome: 99% of Tony’s think we’re a Great Place to Work! We don’t like that one percent of course; we’re aiming for the full 100%. Raise the bar! Amongst others, the statements ‘I can be myself around here’ and ‘there’s a family- or team vibe’ received the highest scores (which means a full 100%). According to the research we inspire, and transparency is in our DNA and a vulnerable and self-critical note isn't something to be ashamed of here. Team development activities, like performance management, still needs a bit more development and attention. We want to focus on how we can keep our team engaged with important decisions and who gets to participate and when.  

Yep, that’s typical Tony’s 
You’re a Tony when you’re critical, outspoken, willful and you do things in a way that makes us all smile. By being open and accessible and having a positive attitude. By always finding a creative solution for problems and pushing the limits together for the best result. We pay attention to small things. A little love and attention, that’s the recipe for everything. We bake pie for each other’s birthdays, send ‘happy boxes’ to new Tony’s filled with chocolate and everything you need to know about Tony’s. We celebrate with ‘a happy new bookyear’ together by eating Dutch ‘oliebollen’ (a traditional fried snack, which is eaten in Holland on New Year's Eve), we listen to ABBA and take a minute to remember the milestones we’ve reached in the past year. And last but not least, from the mailman to a coincidental passerby that came to ask for directions: nobody leaves the building without chocolate. Don’t forget to share! We made a little video about it: click here to watch it.  

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