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A chocolate factory with a mission and a rollercoaster

28 april 2020

One step closer to realising our biggest dream

Our biggest dream, our own chocolate factory with a mission and a roller coaster, is becoming a reality. This month we heard that the Zaandam municipality is also very happy about our Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate Circus plans. But hey.. We didn't expect anything else.

Artist impression: Architectural firm SeARCH

What a nice shot!

Take a look at this artist's impression of how cool Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate Circus (TCCC) will soon be in National monument de Vrede. Hell yes! Of course, there will be a rollercoaster: fasten your seatbelts. We have more in store for you. We are moving our Dutch offices to the circus, there will be a little restaurant and a shop. And most importantly, with the TCCC we want to raise awareness about the inequality in the cocoa industry and giving you a true chocolate experience. From 'bean to bar' we take you along every step of the cocoa chain and ask choco fans to take note of our social mission: making ALL chocolate 100% slave free.

If everything goes according to plan, we will move to the TCCC in the summer of 2021. We can’t wait!

Hey choco fans! To guarantee the quality of our chocolate we are not shipping from Wednesday the 5th of August. You'll receive your package a little later than you are used to. As soon as the temperature is under 27 degrees we will ship your order. 


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