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what the cocoa farmers have to say

In what way has Tony's support helped you?
The premium they pay us enables me to settle my hospital bills and afford medication.

And what else?
This helps my entire family and all three of my children can to go to school. The children help out after school but only if they want to. They need to focus on their education.

What do you think of the Young Farmer Awards?
It's great that they exist since the awards are a great incentive for young people.

What does Tony's do?

Tony’s helps ABOCFA, we get loans. This helps me and my family because it means my children can go to school.

What do you think of the Young Farmer Awards?

I am very positive because in the future my children will take over the farm. This will really help them.

How has Tony's helped you?
I now know how to use chemical fertilizer. I used to help on the cocoa farms as a child.. Tony’s has given me a better idea of what to do about child labor.

What do you think of the Young Farmer Awards?

It makes becoming a farmer more attractive to young people as it's difficult to find work here.

What do you think of Tony’s chocolate?

Mmmm, can't you guys sell it here as well?

Has your life changed since becoming Tony's cocoa supplier?

Tony’s pays an extra premium and gives us training courses. This has had a visible impact. I wasn't really aware of the problems with child labor because here it's a part of our culture. These training courses have made us aware of what is and isn't ok.

Do you like chocolate?

I'm proud that this bar has my cocoa in it!


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