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facts and figures about 2016 and 2017

Figures, net profit and fun facts from the choco workplace; keep those numbers rolling in.

• Net profit: + 6.0% (after tax for 2016/2017 compared to 4.9% for the previous year)
• Revenue: 44.9 million euros (for the year 2016/2017). This is a growth of 53% when compared to the same period the year before! Revenue and profit were mainly achieved in the Netherlands.

Tony's bars have been going international: they've been in Belgium for a while, hit the shelves in Portland (US) in September 2015 and made it over to Sweden in 2016.

Market share 2017

• Our market share was 16.7% in 2017 (up to October). This means Tony's has captured 16.7% of the total revenue of all chocolate bars in Dutch supermarkets. Our market share over the same period last year was 12.4%. This means a growth of 35%! Whoop whoop, high five!

Did you know...

• ..we worked with 4,318 West African farmers this past year
• ..we will be working with these farmers for at least 5 years.
• ..we have been and will continue to work with six partner cooperatives:
− ABOCFA (Ghana)
− Suhum Union (Ghana)
− Kapatchiva (Ivory Coast)
− Ecojad (Ivory Coast)
− ECAM (Ivory Coast)
− SOCOOPACDI (Ivory Coast)

Guess how many bars have been sold?

• This year more choco friends than ever enjoyed our bars. In the past year we sold exactly 28,756,133 bars (both tiny & big Tony's). More than 28 million chocolate bars.. wow!

This is what you want to know about Team Tony’s..

• This year our team included 63 Tony’s, so click heeerrrre to check them out
• We have 2 choco offices: 1 in Amsterdam and 1 in Portland (USA)
• 58 Tony’s sit, stand and answer the phone in Amsterdam, while 4 are doing that in Portland (hi Peter, Meredith, Nicolay & Dena!) and 1 does that in New York (hey Melissa!).
• We introduced a new organizational structure in Tony's on 1 April 2017: we now have Choco Chiefs & Heads.This way we can distribute the workload better, make sure decisions are made by people who know what they’re talking about and keep focusing on the many challenges ahead. Right on! 
• Tony's Choco Chiefs: Chief Chocolate Officer Henk Jan Beltman, Beancounter Freek Wessels and Choco Co-Captain Anne-Wil Dijkstra.
• Tony’s Heads: Frits ‘Choconator’ Snel: Head of Sales, Chocoloco Pascal van Ham: Head of Marketing, Bean to Bartender Frans Pannekoek: Head of Operations, Impactus Prime Paul Schoenmakers: Head of Impact, Choco Evangelist Ynzo van Zanten: Head of People & Culture and Beancounter Freek Wessels is both Choco Chief and Head of Finance.

What’s been happenin’ with our chocolate in 2016/2017? Here’s a brief list:

November 2016

From now on, our chocolate milk will be presented in a svelte slim-fit jacket. Look at that detail, and that nipped-in waist. Ooh lala!

November 2016

Holy moly! Our Classic family just can’t stop growing. Welcome to two newcomers in our range: white and white with raspberry and popping candy. The cocoa beans in our cocoa butter have been 100% traceable since November 2016 so these white chocolate varieties actually have traceable cocoa butter in them. Alriiiiight!

April 2017

Our Tiny Tony’s are now unequally divided - just as they should be. Why are our bars unequally divided again? We'll be happy to explain it to you here:

July 2017

Well, hello there, dark milk & dark milk pretzel toffee. How YOU doin’.. These are our serious Classics: dark milk means more cocoa, so more impact. Go on, take a bite!

September 2017

Oh dear, choosing can be so difficult.. But fear not! The rainbow selection is here. It contains Tiny Tony's in all six flavors.

September 2017

Make way for our Limited Editions. This year, we’re offering a 3-course menu of bars (actually inspired by a 3-course menu): dark milk rye sea salt, milk stewed pear and white stracciatella. Dinnerrrrrrrrrrrr! Come and get it.

other stuff..

- in November 2016: Catch! The relay bar hands over the baton to another surprising flavor every six months. In the fall of 2016, it was a milk cinnamon roll flavor. Ooooh yeah that's yummy!
- in January 2017: We have just launched the ValenTony’s bar in the US: a raaaawwwmantic Valentine’s bar for that special person in your life. I’m in love with youuuhouuuhouuuuuuu!
- in January 2017: We’re positively eggcited and eggstatic about our new eggcellent egg addition. Dark almond sea salt for Easter. Delish..
- in April 2017: The winner of the Limited Editions 2016 returns with a new Exclusive look. If you're someone who likes a challenge, this Exclusive bar is right up your street: white carrot and walnut.. Sweet with a hint of spice, whassup dawg?
- in April 2017: Milk chocolate with honeycomb and carda.. what? Unusual and so, so delicious: sweet, a little spice, and a touch of crunchiness. A unique combination created especially for Marqt.
- in May 2017: The milk cinnamon roll hands over the baton and.. in the summertime, when the weather is high.. there’s nothing better than this creamy milk bar with pieces of melon and raspberry. Both refreshing and sweet!

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