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Tony's research on child labor

We procure our cocoa beans from areas where child labor occurs very often. What was that? Yes, it’s true and that’s a deliberate choice on our part. We don’t bury our heads in the sand when we come across child labor. We want to identify instances of child labor; only then can we take action and make an impact. The Child Labor Monitoring and Remediation System (CLMRS) helps us take a further step in creating a better world.

CLMRS in brief

A group of selected farmers are trained within the community.
These local farmers talk to other farmers in the community several times a year
to find out if there’s a chance anyone is using child labor. And then there are school visits, and, of course, the farmers' children are interviewed on a regular basis. After several training sessions and the distribution of the required materials, we were finally able to start collecting data under the watchful eye of Tony’s Impact Cheerleader Diara.

Child labor..Now what?

And although we’re far from done yet, so far we’ve come across 30 cases of child labor on the farms. Yes, most of these kids do go to school, but they also help their family on the land, for example by doing dangerous work with machetes, carrying heavy loads on their heads, or by spraying pesticides that end up on themselves and their families.

It’s good that we’ve been able to identify these children, because otherwise we couldn’t do anything about this problem. We’ll be able to share more insights when we have more complete data in a few months.

When we find child labor, we don’t pretend it's not going on.

So what happens if child labor is uncovered or there’s a high chance child labor is being used? First of all, we team up with ICI, our partner cooperatives, the communities in West Africa and other key players to see if we can find a sustainable solution. We talk to parents about the kinds of activities that are or aren’t appropriate for a child of a certain age. Other options include getting a birth certificate for a child so they can go to school, or helping organize activities that provide a bit of additional income. Basically, it’s all about making sure children don’t need to work.

CLMRS is here to stay

We have confidence in the CLMRS, precisely because it's all about trust and openness.
If you would like to know more about CLMRS, please go to our Annual FAIR report, page 91.

Inspire to act

The CLMRS was developed by the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI). The chocolate giant, Nestlé, has been using it for several groups of farmers for a while now. We love that a good initiative has been developed by someone else in the industry, because as you know: we love being inspired too! The CLMRS is currently the only scalable system in the industry that is recognized by the chocolate giants.

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