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2016-2017 milestones

making & measuring impact

The roadmap shows how we, as a chocolate company, want to change the cocoa industry from within. The accounting firm PwC has reviewed how far along we are in this process. They’ve audited our financial results and performed an external verification of nine non-financial performance indicators based on our roadmap. In this way, we know we are focusing on the right things. The assessment is a way of proving our efforts to achieve our mission are important, effective and scalable.

a presence in – nearly – all states

We started in Portland and our presence is spreading like wildfire. Our products are now available in stores in nearly every state! You can also find us in Belgium and Sweden and Germany. Our international operations are our platform for putting our mission on the global map.

here to stay

We launched not one, but two new classics: our dark milk chocolate bar and our dark milk chocolate pretzel toffee bar. Making a dark milk chocolate bar requires about 9% more cocoa beans than making a regular milk chocolate bar. And remember.. more cocoa means more impact. So, three cheers for Team Tony’s! Curious? Order them here..

traceable cocoa butter from Ivory Coast

We've wanted to produce traceable cocoa butter in West Africa for a long time now. We ran a pilot in Ivory Coast last year and it worked a dream! What’s great too is that this will result in a major reduction in our carbon emissions. Nothing but win-win-win-win.

learning about child labor in our chain 

We procure our cocoa beans from areas where child labor is a frequent occurrence. What was that? Yes, it’s true and that’s a deliberate choice on our part. We don’t bury our heads in the sand when we come across child labor. We want to identify instances of child labor; only then can we take action and have an impact. This is why we've been implementing the Child Labor Monitoring and Remediation System (CLMRS) at our farmer cooperatives.

Tony's serious friends make impact together 

Choco friends be like.. Serious Friends Forever. Serious friends support our mission and SFFs step things up just another notch: they participate actively. Here on our new website we share some examples. You can share our story by downloading our fun and exciting show-and-tell materials, by watching the Chocolate Case movie and by supporting our campaigns.

anti-child labor legislation 

We're for anti-child labor legislation. In January 2017, we managed to get more than 10,000 people to sign the petition ‘Zorgplicht Kinderarbeid’ and we presented these signatures to parliament. The bill has been passed by the Dutch House of Representatives and has now been submitted to the Senate, which is scheduled to take a vote in mid-December 2017 (you can still sign the petition HERE). A legal framework MUST be adopted in the Netherlands too, so that all businesses are under a legal obligation to address social abuses in their chain.

bitter chocolate stories

Tens of thousands of children in Ghana and Ivory Coast are victim of forced labor and human trafficking for the purposes of cocoa production. BITTER is an impressive photo exhibition about children from Burkina Faso who work on cocoa farms. BITTER Chocolate Stories is now on tour.

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