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Support Due Diligence Legislation in the Netherlands with Tony’s

On May14th 2019, the Dutch Child Labor Compulsory Care Initiative Act was passed. And that means that companies are obliged to make their business sectors fairer and more transparent. 

Due Diligence Legislation puts an end to negative impact on people and the environment
Together with 49 other Dutch companies, we sent a letter to Minister Kaag. With this letter we, as a joint business community, call for support for a legal framework for due diligence. Legislation ensures more transparency and equality in the supply chain. And.. companies are forced to seriously tackle the negative impact on human rights and the environment in their chain. Go Kaag!

Times up..
Twenty years ago, in 2001, the Harkin-Engel protocol was adopted. Companies solemnly pledged their commitment to free their products from illegal child labor. It’s clear that all these noncommittal initiatives have been relatively ineffective. Now is the time to move on and build a legal framework.

Work to be done!
In the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, the Netherlands has agreed that by 2025 all forms of illegal child labor in the world must be stopped. But that will take too long. We need legislation in line with UNGP and OECD guidelines. Despite this Child Labor Act, we are not there yet. The legal framework can be broader and should move from children’s rights to human rights. Also legislation should be tighter and must also be properly enforced. Therefore this letter to Minister Kaag.

& sign it too

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will your company join this list? these companies signed too:

Dennis van der Putten,
Director Sustainability & Corporate Strategy

Active Health Group
Patrick Teunissen, Directeur

Hans-Willem van der Waal, CEO

Arte Natuursteenbewerking
Niels van den Beucken, Financial Director A

SN Bank
Arie Koornneef, Directeur

Franklin Ginus, Chief Mission Officer

Better Future
Annemarie de Jong, CEO

Lorette der Kinderen & Nynke Geus, Managing Directors Blyde Benelux

Kim Cramer, Founder

Bruggink & Van der Velden Advocaten Belastingadviseurs
Martina van Eldik, Impact Manager

Bram De Jaeger, Founder

De Krat | de duurzame maaltijdbox
Tessa Venker, Directeur

Delicia B.V.
Bernd Postma, Algemeen Directeur

Merijn Everaarts, Founder

Patrick van der Meulen, Directeur

Volkert Engelsman, CEO

Eva Gouwens, CEO

Fairtrade Original
René Bakker, Managing Director

Evert den Boer, CEO

Sander Veenendaal, Founder

Nederland Paul de Jong, CEO IKEA Nederland

Impact Hub Amsterdam
Tatiana Glad, CEO

innocent drinks
Benjamin van der Kloet, Marketing Manager

Kings of Indigo
Margreeth Dronkert, Quoeen of Product & CSR

Koninklijke Auping
Jan-Joost Bosman, CEO

Peter Schuitema, CEO

Margreet van Schaijck, Brand Manager

Misteli Creative Agency
Veronique Misteli, Creative Director

Moyee Coffee
Guido van Staveren, Founder

MUD Jeans
Bert van Son, Founder

MVO Nederland
Maria van der Heijden, Directeur-bestuurder

Nestlé Nederland
Martine Olijslagers-Kuip, Business Executive Officer Confectionery Benelux

Jan van Betten, Founder

Timmo Terpstra, Algemeen Directeur

Jasper Gabriëlse & Melvin Loggies, Founders

Schijvens Corporate Fashion
Shirley Rijnsdorp-Schijvens, Owner

Social Enterprise NL
Mark Hillen, CEO

Social Impact Ventures
Warner Philips, Managing Partner

Suit Supply
Joy Roeterdink, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

The Change Collective
Jaap van den Hoek & Roeland Dikker Hupkes, Founders

The Playmakers
Jos van Snippenberg, Head PlayMaker

The Student Hotel
Charlie MacGregor, CEO

The Sustainable Recruiter & Greenjobs
Annemiek Nusmeijer, Owner

Triodos Bank
Peter Blom,CEO

Verstegen Spices & Sauces
Michel Driessen, Directeur

Maurits Groen, Oprichter en Bestuurder

Wessanen Benelux
Han van Nieuwland, General Manager

Arthur Hartman, QA manager

Roban van den Dool, CEO

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