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Gina Martin lays down the law

gina martin

lays down the law


What would you do if someone snapped a shot up your skirt? And if the law let you down, would you take it sitting down? Gina Martin sure as heck didn’t - she stood right up and changed it.

After 18 months of campaigning, Gina managed to get the law changed in England and Wales, making non-consensual upskirting photos illegal. Since then, there has been almost one report of upskirting to police per day. For Gina, the conversations raising awareness are as essential as the legislation clamping down- you really need both to create cultural change. From our own experience campaigning for human rights due diligence legislation, we couldn’t agree more.

“If we all took something that’s happened in our life experience and pushed for it, we’d have far more change.”

Gina has also written a book – Be the Change: A Toolkit for the Activist in You – to encourage anyone who wants to make a change, no matter how small. From adjusting your everyday spending habits (starring Tony’s!) all the way to getting parliament in on the act.

In Episode 1 of Tony’s Chocolloquium, Gina talks to Amelia Høy about turning anger into action, how personal relevance is key to effective activism, and the urgent need for diversity among lawmakers if we truly want to achieve systemic change.

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