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Consumers: power to the chocofans!

Heeey chocofan! This one's on you. 'Cause you have a lotta power, did you know that? Everyday you make choices. What's in your shopping bag today? Do you want to pay a fair price so everyone can enjoy a decent income in the value chain? You can demand transparancy, traceability and a sustainable way of doing business from companies. Really?!? Really. For example by buying ours or other ethically sourced chocolate, like Delicata.
Serious friends 
We've made a looot of new friends last year. In the Netherlands and the United States we now have 8.569 Serious Friends to be precise: chocofans who signed up through our website. We want to get to know them, inspire them, keep in contact and provide them with the resources to make impact. 'Cause you're nowhere without your friends.
A brush of disaster
We've had a big bummer past year. A recall in May. Hairs from a brush were found in our bars. Our barmaker found brushhairs in one of the sieves. ?! How is that possible we thought?? Well, new tanks for liquid chocolate had just been placed in this factory. The first time they are used they are lightly brushedwith cocoabutter...You've guessed it, some of the hairs had come loose. We informed our chocofans through our website, social media, e-mail and we sent a pressrelease to all Dutch media. Everyone who had a bar with affected productionnumbers could sent it back to us and got a refund.