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choco gifting for corporate

for your colleagues or business relations

No better gift than a sweet gift right! Chocolate is perfect to share and gift: to your girflriend, your neighbours or family. But you could also surprise your colleagues or business relations with some choco!

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perfect to go along with coffee

Tiny Tonys mix pouch 

for all your ’Tiny’ snack-moments. This pouch contains 20 Tiny Tony’s in a mix of 10 flavours (milk, milk caramel seasalt, milk nougat, milk hazelnut, dark almond seasalt, dark mik, dark milk pretzel toffee, dark, white and white raspberry popping sugar).

grab that bag

Tiny Tony’​​​​​​​s milk caramel seasalt

Our bestselling flavour worldwide. Perfect companion to coffee. This pouch contains 20 Tiny Tony’s milk caramel seasalt

you can't go wrong here

Tiny Tonys mix large

This box contains 100 tiny Tony's in a mix of 10 flavours: milk, milk caramel sea salt, milk nougat, milk hazelnet, dark almond sea salt, dark milk, dark, dark milk pretzetl, white and white raspberry popping sugar. Also available in a small edition or with just milk or dark.

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Tiny Tonys mix small

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Tiny Tonys milk

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Tiny Tonys dark

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let ’em have taste

3-pack - 3 flavours from Tonys rainbow

Choosing can be difficult. So why choose at all? Take it easy with the 3-pack. 3 classic flavours from the rainbow: milk, milk caramel seasalt and milk hazelnut.

I'm packing 3

6pack - 6 flavours from Tonys rainbow

Half a rainbow of classic Tony’s flavours: milk, milk caramel seasalt, milk nougat, milk hazelnut, dark almond seasalt and dark.

getting that sixpack

stacking tin with 3 classic bars

Stack raving mad
.. about our stacking tin! This’ll catch your eye! Three layers chocful of Tony’s bars - ánd a minibooklet with our story for sharing.

stackin’ it

Tony’s Tasting - all 6 small bars

All six of our small bars. Taste ’em all. Or share with your mama, your uncle, your life partner or your sweet colleague sitting next to you.

just a taste

make it personal

Your very own wrapper around your Tony’s bar, how cool is that! Create a design with your logo, slogan, personal message or something else entirely (go nuts!). a perfect personalised present for your colleagues, customers or business relations.

I’m getting creative - let’s design that wrapper

creating a business account

Haven’t got a business account yet? Ordering choco with us for the first time? No worries, create your business acccount here:

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