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Corporate gifting overview

Suprise your collegues, business relations or favorite boss with a special Tony's bar. No better present than a delicious present!

These are for all your 'tiny snack' moments, all the 'thank you' moments', all 'I'm sorry moments and of course for all your coffee, tea or glass of chocolate milk moments.

You can choose from a mix of 10 flavors, milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

Box of 100 Tiny Tony's (milk, dark, mix): €17,89 ex VAT.

Box of 22 Tiny Tony's (only mix):
€6,19 ex VAT.

Choosing can be hard right...Good news everyone! You don't have to with this rainbowpackage. 'Cause you get all six of our small bars. So you can taste everything. Or share, with that cute collegue next to you.

Tony's Tasting: €8,25 ex. VAT.
I want it
We're stacking crazy.. about our stacking tin! Catches your eye doesn't it? Three layers of Tony's (milk, dark, milk caramel seasalt) ánd a mini-booklet with our story for sharing.

stacking tin: €14,39 ex. vat
stack it!
and.. of course you can also find our Classics, Exclusives, limiteds and Tiny Tony's in our chocoshop. Wanne create your own wrapper? Also possible. check out the wrapper creator here.

Are you ordering chocolate for the first time with us?Create a business account first.

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