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All (chocolate) letters from the alfabet

oh come and see what’s in your shoe!

A real Tony’s chocolate letter bar, from the sweet Sint. A letter that you can break out of the chocolate in no time. That not only makes you very happy, the farmers also benefit: a better price for their cocoa beans and an extra premium with which we reward them. 

Sinterklaas without chocolate is impossible to imagine. So hand out those Tony’s chocolate letters, because they are a perfect gift for your mother, your bestie, your colleague or as a business gift. 

We have the whole alphabet available for you in the flavor milk chocolate. The flavors dark, white, caramel sea salt, milk with marzipan, milk with gingerbread, dark with gingerbread and white with gingerbread are availible in the letter S (from Sint, you know).

the whole alphabet please

(just the initial of your mother, bestie or colleague is also an option)

all flavors tony’s chocolonely letter bars

Which chocolate letter flavor is for you?

create it yourself

your own personalised chocolate bar with Tony’s wrapper creator

your own Saint Nicolas bar with Tony’s wrapper creator
Do you want to do it yourself? You can give your chocolate letter its own personalised wrapper. This makes your gift even more special for the lucky recipient. Take our prebuilt template, put a message or name on it..done!


to the wrapper creator!

are you a pro?
For the advanced digital colorist, we’​​​​​​​ve also got the option to upload a pdf. Design your wrapper in Illustrator or InDeisgn. Make sure to read the instructions first!


download the design template & instructions

make your own chocolate gingerbread with tony’s chocolonely

ready? set, bake!

Tony’s chocolate gingerbread nuggets 

Gingerbread nuggets, known in the Netherlands as pepernoten or kruidnoten..you cannot celebrate Sinterklaas without them. But.. have you ever tried making them yourself? It is really easy! Homemade Tony’s chocolate gingerbread nuggets. Throw them in every corner. 

geen engelse versie
Warm weather alert! To guarantee the quality of your chocolate, we will not ship orders at the moment. You'll receive your package later than usual. As soon as temperatures drop under 27 degrees, we will ship your order.