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Ben & Jerry’s joins Tony’s mission to make chocolate 100% modern slavery free

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Ben & Jerry’s joins Tony’s
mission to make chocolate
100% modern slavery free

to celebrate our commitment, we tickled each other’s taste buds with 2 tasty, new limited-edition bars and 2 tasty, new limited-edition pints: 

tony's chocolonely dark milk chocolate with brownie bar

dark milk chocolate with brownie bar
coming soon

Join us on cloud 9 & chomp
on crunchy brownie pieces.

white chocolate strawberry
cheesecake bar
- coming soon

Eat the change you want
to see in the world.

grab ’em

when you can

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Ben & Jerry's chocolatey love a-fair caramel seasalt tub (dairy and vegan version) Ben & Jerry's chocolatey love a-fair caramel seasalt tub (dairy and vegan version)

ice ice

chocolatey ice cream pint
dig into salted caramel swirls, caramel chunks & sea salt chocolatey chunks


United by a shared passion for social justice, Tony’s Chocolonely and Ben & Jerry’s have fallen bar over spoons for each other.

Heck, what’s not to love about ice cream with a 3-part social mission that covers:

  • human rights & dignity
  • social & economic justice
  • environmental protection, restoration & regeneration!

And now, Ben & Jerry’s is committing to Tony’s Open Chain - an initiative that helps companies to end modern slavery and child labor in the chocolate industry.

Right now, there are 30,000 cases of modern slavery and 1.56 million cases of child labor in the chocolate industry in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

The root cause? Poverty. Millions of cocoa farmers in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire are forced to live in poverty because they’re not paid a fair price for their cocoa.  

By sourcing traceable cocoa via the Tony’s Open Chain way-of-working, Ben & Jerry’s has become the 1st ice cream company in the world to join our mission. Tony’s 5 Sourcing Principles - a rights-based way of doing business – are at the centre of this approach:

  1. traceable cocoa beans
  2. paying a higher price
  3. partnering with strong farmers
  4. long-term commitments
  5. focus on improved productivity & quality

Ultimately, by working together to establish more equal business relationships with our suppliers in West Africa, we’re enabling cocoa farmers to earn a living income and ensuring lasting change.

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We update you on our impact in West-Africa, progress on our mission, new mission allies and of course you’ll be the 1st to hear when new tasty bars hit the shelves.

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Get sweet treats made with traceable cocoa delivered directly to your doorstep.


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