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Terms and conditions giveaway Tony's FAIR Birthday

Terms &  Conditions giveaway Tony's FAIR Birthday 
29 November 2020
By Tony's Chocolonely

Thank you for joining our competition to win 15 Tony's Chocolonely bars for Tony's FAIR Birthday.


- Participation in this action is completely free of charge.

- Participation in the action takes place when you have posted a reaction to the message on the Instagram and/or Facebook accounts of Tony's Chocolonely.

- The prize you can win are 15 Chocolonely bars, various flavors.

- To have a chance to win the prize we ask you to do the following:

Upload a 'raise the bar' video on the Tony's FAIRground & leave a comment below one of the Tony's FAIR birthday feedposts.

- The action only runs on Sunday 29 November 2020. The winners will be announced in our Stories and a DM in the week after.

- You can only participate once and participation in this action is only possible for people 18 years or older.

- Tony's Chocolonely is always allowed to change the promotion conditions or stop the promotion without giving a reason.

Personal data:

- Personal data of participants will not be released and provided to external parties without consultation.

- Personal data of participants will not be used without permission to subscribe to the newsletter, unless you permit this on the FAIRground.

- All actions are subject to Dutch law.


- A maximum of 3 winners will be chosen.

- We choose the winners randomly, provided that all steps have been completed.

- We will send the winner a personal message via social media. There we ask for contact details to send the prize.

- If the winner does not respond within one day after the announcement, a new winner will be designated.

- Tony's Chocolonely is authorized to exclude persons from participation in case of suspicion of illegal participation or fraud.

- Participants who have not won a prize will not be notified of this.

- It is not possible to exchange the won product for another product or amount of money.


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